General Information

1. Please do not pin or baste your quilt in any way.

2. Consider pre-shrinking all material before cutting and assembling your quilt. This will avoid "bleeding" of fabrics and ensure an even shrinkage across all fabrics in Top and Backing after the quilt is washed.

3. One of the areas that I find quilters have the most issues with is borders. If they are not put on correctly, your quilt may have borders that are wavy or ruffled. This is caused from your borders being larger than your quilt top. Another issue I see is the reverse, where there is not enough border for the quilt. Our goal as a piecer and quilter is to have a flat, square quilt. I’ve included a job aid to help you with your borders.

4. Longarm quilting is a hand-guided art. Computerized perfection cannot be achieved. Please ensure that your piecing and borders lie flat. Longarm quilting cannot fix misaligned patchwork or borders with problems. Your quilt will be free of puckers and tucks as your piecing allows.

5. Sometimes when Custom quilting, I may mark your quilt with various chalk products to establish guidelines for my quilting designs. I try to remove most of this prior to returning your quilt to you. However it is possible that some chalk dust may remain in the quilt and your quilt may need to be laundered after the quilting is complete. If you have any concerns regarding this, please let me know prior to quilting.

6. I use only good quality thread when quilting. I use many Superior Threads products as well as threads from other quality thread companies such as Aurifil.

7. Please ensure that your backing is at least 4" to 6" larger that your quilt top. For example if your quilt measures 36"x36", your backing would need to be at least 44"x44".  

Following these guidelines will help ensure there won't be delays in the longarm quilting process or any additional fees incurred. It will also avoid the possibility of getting placed back on the waiting list while I wait for any corrections to be made.


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