Machine Quilting Pricing

Many other quilters may quote you a price sight unseen, based on the size of your quilt. Juananne will discuss with you the needs of your quilt. This may include quilting design choices, batting, backing, binding and threads. Only after discussing all these things, can a fixed price be determined.

Generally quilts fit into the following categories.

Edge- to- Edge
Edge-to-Edge quilting consists of one design quilted repeatedly across your quilt top, ignoring blocks and borders. Check out the Edge-to-Edge Pantograph designs available in the Photo Gallery.
1.75¢ per square inch- 3.5¢ per square inch with a $25.00 minimum.

Artistic Freehand
Allover design performed freehand especially for your quilt. This is usually denser that edge-to edge.
3¢ per square in with a $35.00 minimum.

Interior of the quilt is Artistic Freehand with up to two freehand border choices.
3¢ per square inch. Each border, add an additional .25 per square inch.
Eg. Artistic Freehand plus one border. 3¢+ .25=3.25¢ per square inch.

Custom quilting comprises the creation and sizing of coordinating quilting designs in order to fill your blocks and one border.
4¢ per square inch to 6¢per square inch with a $45.00 minimum.

Heirloom quilting encompasses several different coordinating designs, sized and drafted especially for your quilt, and executed in more detail than custom quilting, including two border designs. Also included in this category are echo quilting and cross-hatching.
Starts at 6.5¢ per square inch with a $70.00 minimum.

Basting quilts for hand quilting

$20.00/hour Applicable taxes will be added to all services.


**All prices are subject to change without notice.**

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